Hey, we are super excited to work with you. Chances are if you are reading this page we already have worked together! We will try not to be too bossy in this guide but there are some ground rules and guidelines when working with our studio. Clients want to work with us because of a specific style and aesthetic that has been developed over time so if you come in and shoot the whole wedding on b&w Infrared film then we are gonna have some problems. We are all about natural, candid and bright images that don't require a ton of heavy editing and post production. To see our current studio mate rate sheet please click here. Please note this page is password protected so ask the studio for the secret word.

Schedule + Scheduling

We handle all communication, bookings and meetings with clients so you can just show up, shoot and move on with you life. Before the wedding we will give you a timeline of the day including important names, addresses, phone numbers, times and key details of where to be, what to be doing and when.


Having proper equipment is essential, obviously. We are Canon people which makes things super nice because we can share pieces and parts if we ever got in a jam but if you are a lone Nikon shooter that's ok too. You need to have TWO bodies, the mark 3 as your numero uno and a mark 2 or 6d as your backup body. Prime lenses - the 85mm, 50mm, 35mm, 20mm, etc. The sharpness, color and F stop of prime lenses are incomparable to zooms and you can really see the difference.  You must have the 580 exii OR 600 Speedlite flash, 2 would be best so you have a backup. We do NOT like the in your face flash look, please bounce the flash off of walls, ceilings, etc for diffusion and softening the light. When you don't have a ceiling or wall to pop the light off (for back yard soirees and such) I like to bounce it off the reflector card my 600. Please have extra CHARGED batteries and ample memory cards.

Dress Code

Please dress to impress. It is not necessary to wear all black because that's super uncreative and depressing but please make sure you look top notch, are comfortable and won't flash anyone. Oh and wear comfortable jazzy shoes like these!


Ugh, you know what it's like forgetting to sync 5 million cameras and then having to organize all those images after. Please don't do that. If you are working with an assistant please make sure to sync ALL cameras to the second!

Back It Up

Obviously you have shot many weddings before (that's why you're here!) so you know the importance of BACKING UP! After the wedding make three copies - two for you and one on the Oh Stella Studio USB drive. If you are working with an assistant it is YOUR responsibility to back up their images as well and deliver them to us. So, you are keeping two copies for yourself and sending us one copy of everything on the USB - including your images and your assistant's. Please keep your two copies until you have 110% confirmation we have received the USB and backed the files up on our end. Lost photos results in unhappy clients which results in lawsuits so let's not do that.

The Wedding: Getting Ready

This is either a very relaxing part of the day or can be totally hectic. If the bride has her 25 best friends crammed in a tiny hotel room then it's going to be a little crazy but we tend to not work with brides like that... Get to know your couple when you arrive, introduce yourself (obviously) and ask where you can find key details for the "getting ready" shots such as the dress, shoes, rings, invitations, etc. These getting ready moments all just happen quite naturally and don't usually require much direction. Make sure the room looks clean and the light is as good as can be. Don't be shy to open curtains to let in more natural light and turn off lights.

The Wedding: Ceremony

If the ceremony is happening in a different location make sure to allow yourself plenty of time to get there and set up. Here are some key ceremony shots to get; groom waiting, family and guests waiting, bride arriving, bridal party walking down aisle (these tend to look nicer when shot on a shorter lens like the 85mm) bride walking down the aisle, vows, rings, KISS, precession, signing the marriage license and / or Katuba during Jewish ceremonies and last but not least the FAMILY photos? If your couple requests family photos we will do our best to have a designated family member or friend to assist you. We try to keep these moments short and sweet and do larger groupings and not a zillion shots of the same people in alternating orders, yuck.

The Wedding: Portraits + Location Shoot

With our couples this tends to happen before the ceremony. Most opt for a "first look" followed by portraits of just the two of them right afterwards. We highly recommend this and encourage couples to schedule their day in this order. When you arrive to your location do a little scouting, arrive early when possible to have some spots picked out. Lighting is the most important factor in making awesome portraits, backdrops are pretty important too. When midday lighting is harsh try placing the sun behind your subject/s and exposing for the shadows on their face. This will avoid that harsh split lighting look and eliminate shadows on their skin. It's really nice if you can find a tree or tall bush, something a little transparent to place the sun behind and your people in front of. So they will have their backs to the sun with the tree behind them. This makes the tree glow, the lighting lovely and good photo things happen!

The Wedding: Reception

Get busy shooting the details! Typically clients spend a lot of money on this stuff and they want to see what it looked like. If possible ask everyone to clear the room to get a "room shot" when the set up is complete and use a wide lens. Hopefully there is beautiful lighting but don't hold your breath. I'm a big fan of string lights and lanterns which create a pretty dreamy backdrop when shooting at lower shutter speeds such as 1/30. Here some key reception shots to get; bridal party entering, couple entering, 1st dance, parent dances, toasts, parent / couple reactions during toasts, dancing, fun, lots of candid shots, cake cutting, garter, bouquet and send off if you are staying through the bitter end of the night.