Levels & Image numbers

Level 1 - 586 images

Level 2 - 756 images

Level 3 - 910 images

Why such random numbers? We actually tell the client they will be getting 500, 600 and 700. Giving the client this little bit extra helps to keep

them coming back asking where is this and that.

Step 1 - Cull Images

Create catalogue and begin cull your images by marking your selects with a 1 star. eg if you have shot a level 2 this would be 676.

Great care needs to be taken during this stage. Any family member, friends, bridal party shots that are usable need to be added in. It

is amazing how many time a bride will come back and ask where a particular shot is. If they are added in the 1st place we won’t need

to hazel you down the track.

Step 2 - Colour Grade

Once these have ben culled, the colour grading can begin. I usually use:

VSCO 1 - Kodak Porta 160+ or ++ Vimeo Tutorial

VSCO 2 - kodak Portra 400 NC++ or 400+ Vimeo Tutorial

Grading Notes:

Find perfect colour balance! ( eye dropper on grey section such as shirt or dress can help). This makes all the difference with a

colour grade. Making sure dresses are white, walls are correct colour skin tones accurate is a good guide.

Find the perfect exposure. Mainly expose for the face

Remove most grain.

Lifting your blacks.

Lifting your shadows.

Bring back your highlights.

Bring back you whites.

Slightly increase contrast

Slightly increase shadows and darks in curves

Pump highlights in tone curve

Set perfect exposure.

Start to finish Vimeo Tutorial Here

Step 3 - export HR Colour

Once all images have been colour graded they can be exported as full res 80% quality Jpegs into a folder named eg

- “Roger & Fanny HR Colour”.

Step 4 - Online Gallery

Once these have been exported the next step is to select your highlight gallery. If you flick though your 1 star selections and

mark you highlight gallery with a red marker (6 button) you will need around 100 - 150 of these. Once these are selected.

You can fine tune, tweak and perfect these more. Image selection and layout is extremely important and is what the client

generally judges the photos by. Once this is done turning a select group of these to black and white is next usually around

a 30% is fine. Fuji Neopan 1600+ with some tweaks such as lifting blacks and shadows. Once this is done you will need to

export you online gallery into folder named “Roger & Fanny Online” at the specs below.

Once these are already to go you can design and upload you online highlight gallery.

You can access the though your White Tree page.

Step 5 HR Black and White Folder

The entire gallery then needs to be converted and to a VSCO black and white and exported in full res.

When syncing these it is important to keep your eye on your exposures shadows and highlights. These need to be exported

as full res 80% quality Jpegs to a folder named “Roger & Fanny Black & White” Once exported a good trick is to press

“apple z” to step back so that they all tun colour agian. So in worse case senario you can still view your colour edits.