So, I hear you’re awesome.

You’ve heard correctly my friend. We are indeed awesome. We’re going to take amazing photos at your wedding. You’re not going to feel silly because we’re making you pose making weird kissy faces at each other (unless you normally make weird kissy faces at each other, in which case, please feel free). You’re not going to be embarrassed by your photos (but some of them might make you laugh). You’re going to look amazing, and if you’re posing in the photo booth, you’re going to look like beautiful people being hilarious. We love stop motion, so if you’d like a short film of your day, please let us know!

We don’t want to get in your way. We do want to give you an accurate and beautiful record of how incredible your day was, how cute your partner is, and how great it was to have all your favourite people in one place on one day.

We're a team of six, and between us we have over 400 years of shooting experience (because we're the hottest team of octogenarian photographers in town). We're all super talented, friendly, glamorous, tall, blonde, and athletic. (Well... talented and friendly).    If you'd like to know more about our team, you can read an interview we did with Polkadot Bride recently here.

What’s in it for me?

Well! Funny you should ask! We’ll make all your dreams come true*

We take photos, run a photo booth, and make stop motion films. We can do just one of these, or ALL OF THESE. Can you guess what the most fun option is? Depending on how many things you need us to do, there will be one, two, or three of us.


  • We'll give you around 50 images per hour (and often more).
  • Goodness only knows why, but we’ve made a practice of editing every single image. It takes FOREVER. But that’s our problem, not yours!  We'll give you 4x6" prints of ALL these shots, and you get the files on a USB as well (in hi-res, just in case you later decide that you want to see your beautiful wedding-heads poster-size).

Photo booth:


  • We'll make your guests will get prints on the night. We'll give you all the photo booth files on your USB as well - hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of shots of your nearest and dearest looking delightfully ridiculous.

Stop motion



  • We make stop motion movies for engagements, save the dates, events, weddings, anything, really...  
  • On your wedding day, we'll shoot somewhere in the vicinity of 10,000-20,000 stills, and then edit them together into a short (approx 3 minute) clip of your day. We've found this is the best length to both tell a romantic love story and to keep the punters interested!  

We’re not going to use strong-arm tactics to force you to buy ten thousand huge prints and a fancy-pants album (but, if you’re into huge prints and fancy-pants albums, we can hook you up).

*Please note, we will make all your dreams come true if all you’ve ever dreamed of is hiring the world’s best wedding photographers. We’re not going to buy you a car. And I don’t think we can do anything about your cat peeing on the couch.

What’s all this photo booth business anyway?

Our photo booth is an "open booth" which means we use professional lights and a background to make a crazy-photo-zone (we supply all the props and we’ve got 8 different backgrounds you can choose from). An open booth is great because it means you can squeeze as many people in each shot as you like (and you're less likely to get a nasty best-mans-hairy-bum-photo shock than if you had a traditional closed booth). 

We bring a printer so everyone gets a photo strip when they pose - these are great mementos of the night!

Literally everyone loves to pose in the booth - elderly people, boring people, and grumpy people are magically transformed into gregarious extroverts with a hilarious repertoire of expressions. Importantly, your Gran will wear a fake moustache. Do you really need more convincing?

As for stop motion, what the devil is that?

We shoot thousands and thousands of stills and then edit them together with a catchy tune.  

Stop motion is a really wonderful way to capture the energy and excitement of your day in a format that will make your friends and family giggle (and not stifle yawns/ tears of boredom). It’s a great way to announce your engagement or save the date message (or any other message really…)

Why are you so cheap/ why are you so expensive?

Just because we like to wear disco outfits doesn't mean we're cheap. We're CLASSY dammit.

We try to keep our costs down because we think everyone should have nice photos at their wedding (and cause let's be honest, no one really likes rich people anyway). (Just kidding rich people, we totally respect your decision to fly Beyonce out to perform at your reception and agree that the edible gold on the menu isn't ostentatious, but delicious and easy to digest).  

We try to make it look effortless, but we're actually toiling night and day to make your shots and movie look perfect. For every hour we shoot, there's about an hour in post production for the stills, and another hour for the stop motion film. And when there are two or three of us shooting, shooting for 8 hours can be closer to 40 hours (or more!) of our time.   

If you were the bosses, what time would you tell us to get married?

If we were the bosses, we would tell you to maximise photo time in the golden hour, the hour(ish) before sunset when the light looks most amazing (it's warm and flattering). You can calculate when golden hour is at this website:


How much time do we need for our photos?

This really depends on what you want!

Getting ready photos: these are really nice because we can get some really wonderful candid shots of you and your bridal party and family - and some really cute stop motion footage. We think it's an important part of the story of your day: the nerves, the silliness, the foxy bridal-veil-pjs outfit combos, your dad trying to get the bow-tie on the ring-bearing-dog, et cetera. Ideally, we'd have at least an hour with you before you need to leave.

The ceremony: You want us to shoot this bit, right?  After the ceremony, factor in at least half an hour for congratulatory hugs - this gives you 18 seconds per hug for 100 guests ("Thank-you-Nanna-I-love-you-too-no-I'm-not-pregnant-yet-Thank-you-Uncle-Bob-yes-he-is-a-handsome-young-man-Lovely-to-see-you-best-friend-yes-I'd-love-some-champagne"). Then you need another half hour for group shots (the actual shots don't take long, but the cat herding - aka Dad-herding - can take ages). 

Shots of the two of you/ shots with the VIPs: Depending on your schedule, these shots are normally just after the ceremony. We'd love 45 minutes with you - this is enough time that we can wander around, and get a few relaxed photos of you bathing in the glorious light of marital love (but not so long that you get sick of us - only some kind of masochist would dare come between newlyweds and their party). Be generous with your timeframes if you can, include some cushion room so you don't feel stressed!

Party time: If we had our way, we'd stay till the end of the party - we can shoot your friends busting out hot moves on the dancefloor (this is great stop motion material), the speeches, the garter toss (and/or any other slightly pervy traditions you might want to include). The photo booth will be popular for as long as it's open - it's literally always a hit.

How long till we get to see the photos after the wedding?

We like to get them to you as quickly as we can! It might take about a month to get you your stills, and up to two months to get you your movie. This might sound like ages, but we don't like to rush the post-production, and it takes time to make sure everything is perfect. If you need anything sooner (like a still image for your thank you cards) let us know and we can get specific things done sooner. Some things are quicker to do than others - for example if you'd like a facebook album of your photo booth shots we can get that online within a week. Keep in touch with us and we can tell you how we're going!

Do you shoot religious weddings/ gay weddings/ sci-fi theme weddings?

We shoot ALL THE WEDDINGS. We love love in all it's wonderful forms. Controversial weddings that we have not yet shot, but would like to shoot include:

  • The marriage of an Apple Employee to a Samsung Employee
  • The marriage of a classically trained ballet dancer to a breakdancer from the wrong side of the tracks  
  • The marriage of a Belieber to someone who isn't tone deaf.


Let’s make a deal!

We’d love to make a deal. Send us an email and we’ll sort out the package details – when and where you’re getting hitched, how many hours you’ll need us for, how many moustaches we should bring, et cetera.

Our pricing is transparent, once you’ve decided how long you need us for there are no other sneaky costs. We can negotiate a package to suit your needs and budget.

We’ll give you high-res images (normally at least 50 an hour – all of which are individually processed), build you a website gallery, give you relationship advice, and send you funny stuff on youtube (as required). Engagement shoots/ stop motion movies normally take around 2 hours and we’ll give you at least 30 images (or a short clip between 30 seconds and a minute long).

But we’re not getting married in Sydney!

I understand why you might be worried about this – what a predicament! But don’t worry, I think we can help you out!

We don't charge for travel within 1.5 hours from Sydney. Further than that and we might need accommodation for the night. We're happy to fly to where ever you are, and we'll do what we can to keep our expenses minimal.

Send us an email and we can tailor a quote to suit your needs. (We love destination weddings. Any excuse to travel!).

Is there something important you should be telling me?

We’ve been in the business for years. We’ve got fancy photography gear, and lots of it. We’re giant dorks, and spend all our spare time with these cameras, so our obsession is your high-image-quality-win. We’ve got all the proper insurance that your venue will ask about. We’re experts at getting your camera-shy dad to pose with a giant toy monkey. Oh, we’re also very nice (and have genius IQs, an affinity for animals, and very good posture). None of us have 20/20 vision, but thanks to the miracles of modern optics, that does not pose any impediment to our work.

I want to work with you!

We're always on the hunt for new photographers - we think that working with new people helps us keep things interesting and fresh. If you want to work with us, then you're probably the kind of person we want to work with! You've got to be a great photographer, love people in love, and be nice (this is probably the most important bit!). Send us some of your work and we can chat from there! 


Frequently we get asked to describe our style. It stumps us. It's like being asked how we see the world. Don't we all see it differently? Perhaps it's these differences that drive us.

An interesting thing keeps coming up. People say that our wedding photos don't look like wedding photos, and we get it. We're not making you jump in the air, pose dramatically on a grand staircase or cover you in a bridal veil during a forced kiss. We want to work with people that appreciate photography and give us creative freedom to work in the moment. We want to collaborate with people to create stunning images. It takes more than a fancy camera to do this.. It comes from trust and willingness between us and our subjects and this is exactly why we give all of our couples a portrait session when they book us. Having this time together before your wedding allows all of the above possible. So please don't hire us if you want typical wedding photos. Hire us because you want art. 

For more about our approach, find an interview of Chellise by Rangefinder Magazine 



No wedding is ever alike and we know this. We offer many types of packages. 

A full day- big shebang wedding comes with 9 hours of coverage with 2 lead photographers. All of the images (between 700-1000 photos) are each fully edited by us + delivered to you for download in an online gallery on your 3 month anniversary. A portrait session (engagement session) is our gift to you which includes one edited digital photo + that image as an 8x10 or 11x14 print. Additional photos from the portrait session are available for purchase in your online gallery. 

International / destination weddings get the same love as above, plus we throw in a day after shoot.  There's never enough time to take our couples to the crazy places that we want to shoot when we're traveling, so this extra gift not only makes us feel complete, but our couples get a bunch of extra photos too. 

City Hall weddings + small elopements are experiences we love to be a part of. Typically folks only need one lead photographer for a few hours. If you're looking for more information on this, please contact us for our hourly rates. 

Pricing is based on which team you choose to work with. 


A portrait session is given to our booked wedding couples, but we do offer them ala carte to all.  Email us for details. 


We don't hire second shooters hoping that they will get the shot. We are all lead photographers that work together every weekend and rely heavily on each other. We are a family. We continuously view + critique each other's work, share ideas and grow every year together.  

Dream Teams:  Chellise + Mike.....  Daniel + Falcon......  and Sarah is currently slingin' solo in London.   You can meet us all here.


Yep. 35mm + Polaroid film are our jam. We absolutely love when couples choose to incorporate these timeless touches into their wedding day.  Let us know what you're thinking and we can discuss what a custom film package might look like for you.


Prints are available for purchase in your online gallery.  


We've spent the past 7 years looking for an album company that cares as much about the printing as the photographer cares about the picture... and by George, we found them.

Our custom albums are ala carte starting at $600, and the quality is beautiful.  See examples below: